Product Scent Profiles


This is our Original Blend Beard Oil that leaves a pleasant citrus and rosemary aroma for you and your partner to enjoy.



This scent is a definite "woodsy" blend that has a cedar-wood and pleasant pine scent for the lumber jack in all of us!



*No added aroma*  This Blend has NO added scent and will only have the scent of the all natural ingredients.



Bay Rum Scent (best seller) has a amazing Bay Rum scent with soothing coconut after notes.
Whether your sailing the seas, or hunting for Booty.. This manly scent will bring out the pirate in anyone!!



Gentlemen's Blend has a distinguishing Bourbon scent with Sandalwood after notes.
Look and smell like a true Gentlemen.. This Top Notch Manly scent will set you aside from the rest of the Beards, The Women will want you and the Men will want to BE YOU!



Cigar Blend has a rich Cigar scent with Vanilla after notes.

Enjoy the spicy scent of a deep flavored cigar while keeping your Beard Hydrated, Healthy, and shiny!


Headhunter Blend is a Pineapple Mango with a light Musk for a Tropical summer aroma that takes you and your Beard on a Island Vacation... Just beware of the HEAD HUNTERS!!



Caramel Mocha Blend has a delicious Caramel Coffee scent with Mocha after notes.
There is no better way to start your day!
Pour your Beard a fresh cup of Caramel Coffee, and keep your Beard Hydrated, Healthy, and shiny!



Aphrodisiac Blend has a Classic masculine fresh scent of Leather and Cedar-wood. 

Okay guys, time to make those kittens purr!
This seductive scent will have the ladies nibbling on your Beard in no time...
No more wasting money on colognes, this desirable aroma will rev her engine and have you smelling like the hunk she wants, while keeping your Beard Hydrated, Healthy, and shiny! 



Outdoorsman Blend has a Great citronella scent that repels unwanted insects while still attracting the Ladies!

This Blend is designed for the True Outdoorsman, great for fishing, hunting, camping, or just relaxing outside!



Tequila Limon Blend has a mouth watering Tequila aroma with Lemon Lime after notes.
Its Party time!! SHOT SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS Everybody! Take a mental cruise through the Mexican Riviera while keeping your Beard Hydrated, Healthy, and shiny!



G.B.S. Teakwood Blend Beard Oil has the refreshing aroma of amber and wood that are complimented with bergamot, cardamom, jasmine, and lily of the valley..