Fisticuffs™ Aphrodisiac Blend Strong Hold Mustache Wax 1 OZ. Tin




Fisticuffs Aphrodisiac Blend Strong Hold Mustache Wax 1 OZ. Tin Hand poured Mustache Wax in a 1 ounce tin. Has Leather/Cedarwood scent and Maintains a "strong hold"

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Lee Evans

it's some pretty good stuff. holds well enough and smells good but not overpowering

Mike Rodriguez
Never got it!!

I did not receive my order.

Robert Neitzke
I’ve tried a bunch...

I started my covid mustache in March of 2020 only expecting to have it a few weeks as a novelty. My big mustache is a great conversation starter and women give me lots of compliments on it. Initially I used nothing, then around the start of year two I used Axe styling Matte Wax ‘Messy Look’ for about a year. It is not actually a mustache wax and it is very creamy, but I got by with it OK (though it is harder to shape and control a mustache with the Axe product) until a fellow mail carrier asked what I used and that started some conversations on the topic of wax...
I like Aphrodisiac BEST!! I recently purchased numerous mustache wax brands: Clubman/Pinaud, Viking Revolution (Sandalwood), Mod Cabin Mustache Wax (No.1 & No. 2) and Fisticuffss (Aphrodisiac). Clubman is rather creamy and a fellow mail carrier likes that best so I tried that first… it is OK, but I don’t prefer it. I like the one ounce tins that Fisticuffs and No. 1 & No. 2 come in, however Mod Cabin products have a petroleum like odor that I don’t care for, and actually No. 2 has a rather offensive scent. Viking Revolution wax, as a wax is suitable enough, but the tiny 1/2 ounce tins are sort of a nuisance and the sandalwood scent is undetectable after the wax is applied to my moustache, which was rather disappointing. No. 1, Viking Revolution, and Fisticuffs, are all suitable for the functional purpose of waxing a mustache, but I really like Fisticuffs Aphrodisiac wax very much!! I really like the scent of it that stays will me all day long. The scent reminds me of the lotion a barber would apply to a patron after a haircut when I was a kid in the 1960s. I’m sure the scent is not at all similar except that it has a nice manly scent that I find very pleasing. Thus, for 3 reasons I like Fisticuffs: The pleasing scent, the size of the tin and most importantly, the wax works good as a mustache wax.

Seth Hart
Best scented wax

This is by far the best smelling wax you sale and possibly the best smelling on the market. This wax also holds very well!

Jeff Perez
From long time user.

Proven to me to hold the best! I apply twice a day whether I need it or not. The tin is perfect size, the color matches my white mustache, the hold is great, even after I comb it out, and the aroma of all the waxes I have tried is pleasant.