Fisticuffs™ Gentlemen's Blend Strong Hold Mustache Wax 1 OZ. Tin




Fisticuffs Gentlemen's Blend Strong Hold Mustache Wax 1 OZ. Tin Hand poured Mustache Wax in a 1 ounce tin. Has distinguishing Bourbon scent and Maintains a "strong hold"

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Abraham Florez

I just opened my second tin of Gentlemen's Blend. My only regret is that I bought thru Amazon instead of coming to the GBS website. It hadn't occurred to me that the they were one in the same. The wax is great. The wax is easy to apply. Provides great hold. I'm going for a full Hungarian. This wax keeps the hairs out of my mouth and a quick swipe left and right restores the tips after taking off the employer/government required mask (!).
The aroma is great. Slightly smokey sweet. It does fade. So does my aftershave. Nothing is perfect.
The thing that makes it easy to apply also means that reapplication is necessary, probably more often than the waxes that require use of a heat gun to apply. I'd rather spend a little time reapplying mid-afternoon before I join my wife for Happy Hour after work.
I really wish that I had made my initial purchase here. The cost is a little lower than Amazon (getting it direct from the manufacturer).
Wax and other related purchases will be from this GBS website going forward.
Keep up the great work!

Abel Fernandez
Always the best products

I live in the Canary Islands and it usually takes a few weeks for me to receive the products, but it's absolutely worth it! This moustache wax gives hold with a natural look. I am personally not fond of theatrical, super-perfect handlebar moustaches. This product provides exactly what I expect.

John Christie
Great Hold

Just picked up Fisticuffs Strong Hold Mustache Wax and let me tell you it delivers! Great hold and gentle fragrance make it a winner all day long. Keeps my stache from getting unruly.

Allen Van Hoye
Smells great and holds well

The hold is good, and its smells great. My partner noticed the smell and loved it. Can't ask for more than that.

Shawn Jackson

Fisticuffs™ Gentlemen's Blend Strong Hold Mustache Wax 1 OZ. Tin