GRAVE BEFORE SHAVE™ BEARD Conditioner 16 oz. Pump-top





One 16 fl. oz. pump-top bottle of Grave Before Shave Beard Conditioner

This Beard conditioner is enriched with Argan Oil to keep your hair hydrated to the fullest!

This conditioner is designed for facial hair, but works fantastic on ALL HAIR!

With the fresh scent of an Old time Barber Shop this Beard Conditioner is a MUST for ALL MEN!!

Best if used with Grave Before Shave Beard Wash

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Beau Adams
Great products, prices, smells, and most importantly... results!

I've been using GBS products for years. I keep using their products because they're worth it solely based on the results I see and feel with my beard care regimen, including of course GBS products. Of their products, I use the boars hair brush, shampoo, conditioner, and oil (now switching to cream.. note a tiny bit of this cream goes a long ways!).These products combined yield a very soft beard that is easier to control and do what you want within reason. Not to mention, if ladies catch a wiff of your sexy GBS scent of choice, they're GOING to check you out. Partners and spouses will likely be ready to claw their way with you if you know what I mean. These products definitely are worth a try.

Even though I am leaning on trying other bands just to see their results, I will definitely have GBS products still because I really like their scents a lot, bay rum especially. I will eventually try other scents too. All in all, GBS belongs in my home. It should belong in yours too.

Trust me my fellow men (and girlfriends/wives shopping for your men). After a week or two of consistent care with GBS products, you'll want more. I recommend starting with all the samplers, big pump bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and get the boars hair brush (this should be considered mandatory, it's that worth it over others and I stand by that claim eternally)!!! Going from here, now you'll truly feel like you're actually going on a manly adventure. Just you and your badass, sexy beard. Good day y'all

Danny Cloud

Very good !

Peter C.
Excellence At It’s Finest

Extremely happy with my products. The beard shampoo and conditioner work great. The bourbon and sandalwood beard butter has an amazing scent. Looking forward to trying other products in the very near future.

Taylor Fowler
Amazing product and great customer care

I ordered only the 16oz bottle of Beard Conditioner, but when it arrived, it included a bar of pine tar soap, which hasn’t been used yet, but still amazing to have such care with including that, and in the package was also 5 high quality stickers that are some of the coolest looking stickers I’ve seen from a company. Using the beard conditioner, it had made my beard feel so much better, relieving beard itch, making it incredibly soft, and feeling and smelling great. I can’t recommend this product enough and can’t wait to try more products from this company!

John Taylor

I mostly love it, but wish there was an unscented version.