Grave Before Shave Beard Butter 4oz. Container




Grave Before Shave Beard Butter 4 oz.

This Beard Butter is a easy to apply Beard conditioner that deeply softens your Beard and skin.
Using only the best butters and oils available, this butter contains NO beeswax providing less drag when brushing to keep hair pulling and damage minimized!

About the product:

-Large 4 oz. Container
-Choose from 8 different aromas of Beard Butter
-Only the finest oils and butters that are used in all G.B.S. products.
-Helps condition the skin underneath the beard, aiding in itch relief and beard-ruff
-NO beeswax providing less drag when brushing to keep hair pulling and damage minimized!


1. Scoop out desired amount with your finger
2. Dissolve balm by rubbing between your hands.
3. Then apply to your beard with your palms and fingers.
4. Once desired amount has been applied, you can shape it with your hands, comb , or brush!



Customer Reviews

Based on 152 reviews
Nick in NH
GBS Beard Butter

I've been on a quest for years to find a beard brand my wife likes. I've failed countless times in buying scents and products that I think she might like, only to have her react by telling me, "That smell disgusting." Not so with GBS. She's a fan of the Bay Rum and Gentlemen's Blend, and I have found the beard butter to be exactly the right consistency for my beard. Not oily, and also great on my skin. I think for the price and size, GBS is practically giving this beard butter away from a quality standpoint. Shipping was quick, and packaging was top-notch with the artwork on the containers being a classy added bonus.

Bryan McCloud
Great products and customer service!

I have purchased several different products and love them all! Keep up the great work GBS! Customer for life!

Mark Trotter
Never Disappoints

This is my 4th container, a different scent every time. The amount you get for the price is awesome and all the smells have been great.

Paul Bryant
Great products!!

I’ve been using the Grave Before Shave products for several years now and they are have an incredible scent. It’s hard to pick a favorite but my top 3 are Bay Rum, Caramel Mocha and Gentleman’s Blend. They are definitely a great value for the money!

Jay Wisdom
Great product!

Have been using it for a week now and it’s working great. I have been using another product that I like but I have been having a hard time getting it. I plane to use both!😎